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Fat Bike Demo



You’ve probably read about the fastest growing segment of the bike industry, Fatbikes, and likely seen some around. You’ve definitely heard me babble on about them as I got one this year and love it. They are really fun to ride and another fun thing to do on snow in the winter. However, they aren’t just for snow, I ride mine all year round and if you are on the fence about a mountain bike or other, one of these might fit the bill.

If you are curious about them or want to see what they are all about, we’ll be running demo rides this Saturday March 7th from the Bikeway Source in Bedford MA from 1- 3 (or later if there is interest). We’ll have several bikes in an array of sizes and ranging from entry level all the way up to race bikes. The Bikeway Source Bell Lap Racing team will be on hand as well to lead the rides and answer questions about the bikes.

Ride’s will be an easy ride along the reformatory rail trail or in the Hartwell Town forest. You won’t need any special gear beyond your helmet, some gloves and winter boots or SPD compatible MTB shoes. It’ll be a perfect sunny day to ride with temps in the low 30’s and a great way to get a sense of how these rigs go.

Let me know if you are interested and if I should expect you so I can make sure I’ve got a ride for you.

Directions here:

Articles about Fatbikes from WSJ and NBC News