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wax your skis!


My fave subject -Waxless Skis. Lets talk wax. Unfortunately  there are still misinformed folks out there selling and using XC skis. The misconception is around the term “waxless” or “no wax” which in it’s name itself implies a ski that doesn’t need wax. Thanks to Fischer, Atomic , Salomon, and Rossignol the name they have bestowed on these skis has often led to some frustrated skiers who end up hating the sport. XC Skiing is a hard enough sport so without the proper prep it is like riding a bike with the brakes on!

Let us clarify this:

There are two types of wax – Kick wax and glide wax.

What that name (or misnomer) means is that you don’t need kick wax for those skis. Every quality ski on the planet needs and even cries out for glide wax. Quality ski bases are made with a process called sintered. That makes a base that is very porous so it will accept and hold glide wax when prepped. The glide wax is applied with a wax iron on the smooth tip and tail sections and the excess scraped smooth when it cools. The patterned part (middle) of these skis should have a liquid wax applied before every ski. You cannot wax too much!  You can reach a point where more wax is useless but from what I have seen most rec skiers will never get there so I overstate. Bases need the wax to protect the p-tex from oxidizing which closes up the pores of the base and ruins it’s inherent properties that improve glide when waxed.

We have in stock all the necessary tools to get you started. Once you learn how it is a simple process that will enhance your enjoyment of the sport significantly. Stop by and let us help you get prepped for the season.

Wax on!